Crowdfunding website Kickstarter has been around for nearly a decade and brought us popular items such as the Fidget Cube, the popular game Exploding Kittens, and even funded The Veronica Mars Movie. Here are some Maine Kickstarters you can get behind today!

5. Kitty Slippers, Portland, ME
These slippers promise comfort for the wearer and endless fun for your kitty. $25 will help fund the project and get you a pair to keep!

4. Little Old New York (1923), Belgrade, ME
Every year old films are leased into the public domain. This year, Marion Davies' Little Old New York is one of them. For a $25 pledge you can get a copy of this silent film on DVD and if it reaches the stretch goal, also included will be a 12-page booklet on the film!

3. Ambition Beer Mug Club, Wilton, ME
Friends and business partners Jeff and Josh are the founders of Ambition Brewing. They are set to open soon but need some help finishing renovations. For a pledge of $50, you can help them get off the ground and get a t-shirt, pint glass, and free flight for yourself! A pledge of $100 makes you a mug club member. This gets you discounts on Crowlers and swag, and even a pint glass and special edition t-shirt to take home.

2. The Devil's Half Acre Distillery, Bangor, ME
Military veteran-owned, The Devil's Half Acre Distillery promises top shelf quality, affordable spirits. One team member, James Beaupre is, "one of the most sought after distillery consultants in the United States, and has produced numerous recipes for distilleries around the country. He has a PhD in chemical engineering and teaches at University of Maine, Orono." A $20 pledge will receive a shot glass and thank you note, $100 will get your name inscribed on a whiskey barrel stave, a t-shirt, and an invite to the Grand Opening Celebration.

1. Modern Gaming Lounge/Arcade, Augusta, ME
Mark and Shawn of Central Maine are hoping to bring an entertainment alternative to the Augusta area. They hope to have recent systems and titles available to play, along with board games, card games, and space to stream. $25 or more gets you a T-shirt, $250 or more gets you a one year pass to the establishment as well as a $100 food/drink voucher.

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