We had Damian Veilleux talking about MURDER in our studio yesterday and were we excited!

You see, he and his crew at Catharsis Media are on the verge of filming a dramatic movie right here in Maine and he's going to need YOUR help in a couple of ways!

Want to see yourself on the BIG SCREEN? It could be YOU!

The movie 'Rendezvous' will begin filming in late March at 7 different locations around central Maine. He is going to need extras for scenes and there are even 5 speaking parts that have yet to be cast.

This film is not a small undertaking. He's bringing in the big guns for this! When Catharsis Media won the right to make the film, people were jumping on board including international actress and model Katarina Morhacova, Francis Jue from Law & Order: SVU and Emmy Award winner David Lago from The Young and the Restless.

Yeah, he's not kidding around! He's bringing in a HUGE HOLLYWOOD ACTOR that we all know from film and TV! I know who it is and I'm excited!

If you go to the Rendezvous Facebook page and LIKE it, you'll see updates as it gets closer to filming of when they will need the extras.

Now, what YOU can do to help them is donate to their cause! They need to raise $6,500 in 30 DAYS! They have raised over $1,000 so far. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS! You can go to their FUNDRAISING PAGE HERE and donate! Just $1 can make the difference on whether they reach their goal or not! If you donate $55, you'll see your name in the credits of the film. And if you donate more, well, check out the page and see what else happens!

Please help and give your support to people doing great things right here in Maine! Catharsis Media is helping put Maine on the map of success! See what the film is all about and how you can help by watching the 'mini movie' below!

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