5. What I call a freeway, you call an interstate.


Obviously your name makes more sens, interstates travel between states but i refer to the 95 as a freeway and always will.

4. Toll Roads SUCK!


Why on Earth should I have to pay to drive on a public road? It is the dumbest thing i've ever heard of. I'm paying for the car, paying for the gas, now I have to pay to drive on the road too??? Ridiculous.

3. You treat Dunkin' Donuts, the same way I treat In N Out


It is the cream of the crop better than the best and if you disagree, I WILL FIGHT YOU.

2. New England is NOT a city in Massachusetts 


I swear, for 25 years I believed New England Massachusetts was a place. I thought it was near Boston because I viewed the Red Sox as the baseball version of the Patriots.

1. Snow was not nearly as bad as everyone told me it would be. 


Everyone and their mother said I would be miserable here because of the weather but I have not seen what is so bad about winter. Although I do have a history of bringing heat with me wherever I go.

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