So, it's just sitting there.  Most the spots are vacant.  Currently, this location houses: The Christmas Tree Shop, Bed, Bath & Beyond, AAA, Petco & Olympia Sports.  There are 4 vacancies.  It's kinda sad, really.  So, here's what I think should happen at the Turnpike Mall in Augusta!

In the former spot where Sears once was, they should put in a Trader Joe's.  I LOVE Trader Joe's.

In the former spot where Card Smart was, they should put a Zumiez.  My teenagers love this store.  There needs to be more stores for the teenagers.

In the former spot of the Maine Made Shop, let's keep it local and bring in Mexicali Blues.  Home decor, clothing, accessories...something for everybody.

Lastly, the former spot where TJ Maxx was (it has now moved to the Marketplace at Augusta)...I'm torn between a couple stores.  It's a larger spot than than the other two.  My gut is going with Burlington Coat Factory or The Container Store (equally love both)

Also, in the parking lot, where Sears was, build a Sonic!

Those are my suggestions.  What are  yours?  Tell us on Facebook 


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