U.S. Thrill Rides, a company that builds roller coasters, plans to build a 650-foot tall coaster called ‘Polercoaster’ at the Tropicana Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The coaster is so high (how high is it?) the company has to get permission from the Federal Aviation Administration before construction can begin.

Plans were submitted to the FAA in April, but they still haven’t determined whether the coaster will be a hazard to flights coming out of McCarran International Airport.

According to the company, guests board trains and are taken to the top, 650 feet, where the enormous force of gravity takes over plunging you through the ride that will be designed to wring every ounce of adrenaline out of that stored energy.

The trains will be on the outside of the tower built so the rider gets the felling of being on the edge of a cliff.

Wow….hold onto your hats!

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