Reason To Smile - Maine Warden Service K-9's To Retire
Our "Reason To Smile" today introduced us to Morgan the black lab who will be retiring from the Maine Wardens Service.
Morgan is in her final month of a nine-year career serving the state of Maine. Morgan began her career in 2011 as a search and rescue K9 in western Maine with Game …
Kristi's Must-Visit Stores For Super Saturday
We are less than one week away from Christmas, and that means that this Saturday (December 19th) is Super Saturday - the last BIG shopping day before Christmas!
I do have the majority of my shopping done, or at the very least, I have a list of people I still need to buy for done...
See The Stunning Maine Sunrises Our Listeners Shared With Us
If you live in Maine or have even taken a trip here to visit, you know our sunrises are some of the best. Today is no exception. We asked our listeners to take a few minutes out of their days and share their gorgeous morning views with us.
Check them out below and prepare to be blown away because the…
Are You A "November Widow"? Kristi Is!
I heard this phrase "November Widow" a few years back and wondered what it could mean. That was until it was explained, and at that moment, I never felt something more accurate in my life.
What is a November Widow?
If you have a spouse who eats, sleeps, breathes, and downright lives …
Remembering Mt Washington Mascot "Marty The Cat"
It's sad to report that "Marty the Cat"....the furry feline fixture for the past 12 years who greeted friend and foe atop the summit of Mount Washington has died according to the Associated Press.
Summit operations manager Rebecca Scholand said:
“It is with an incredibly h…
Camp Out Hunger 2020 - Help Us Feed Central Maine
2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people.  So, it is not a surprise that food insecurity has increased exponentially.  It affects your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and maybe even your family.
If you're unfamiliar with Camp Out Hunger, it is exactly as it sounds...

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