This must be some kind of a record!  An elementary school aged hunter from the small Maine town of Newburgh recently bagged two deer in less than two minutes.

According to the Bangor Daily News, 9 year old Cameron Albert was taking part last Saturday's youth hunting day.

The family was hunting in Waldo on Saturday.  Just after 5 PM, Cameron spotted a spikehorn buck and three does.  Cameron made the decision to go for the buck and downed him.  The other deer scattered briefly, but quickly returned.  With an antlerless deer permit, Cameron made the decision to go for the largest of the does.

Cameron's accomplishment is definitely going to give him bragging rights for years to come.

According to the State of Maine website, youth hunting days are special days set aside for hunters under the age of 16 who poses a valid junior hunters license.  The dates of these days differ depending on the type of animal being hunted.  And, there are special rules for these days.

For example:

On these days, all laws pertaining to hunting deer, bear, spring and fall wild turkey and waterfowl apply. The accompanying parent, guardian or qualified adult, shall not possess a firearm, bow and arrow or crossbow, except on youth waterfowl days*. On youth deer, bear and spring and fall turkey days the parent, guardian or qualified adult may carry a handgun pursuant to Title 25 M.R.S. SS 2001-A, but the handgun may not be used for the purpose of hunting.

You can learn more about junior hunting laws HERE

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