This story is 20 years in the making and 90's kids jaws are on the floor, after 7 different regions, 56 badges, and countless battles, Ash Ketchum is a Pokemon Champion, winning the Alola League. I am geeking out here like no other. I have been a Pokemon fan since I was 5 when the first games and anime premiered. I lost interest in the TV show as I got older, but I own just about every game, play them on the regular, and even have some to play on my phone.

Pokemon saw a resurgence of popularity a few years ago when Pokemon Go came out but we never saw Ash win til this weekend. Ash of course is the main character of the Pokemon series travelling through different regions with his best friend Pikachu. Along the way he would battle trainers and gym leaders hoping to get badges. Once you have the 8 badges needed you can compete in the Pokemon League tournament. He had competed in so many and lost all of them in heartbreaking defeats. This was used by the Pokemon company to teach young children how to act in the way of defeat.

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