Buying a birthday gift can be rather puzzling for some of us.  You want to get a thoughtful gift that will be well-loved but not break the bank.  This requires much thought and time shopping, which isn't always something we want to do.

If you are the uncle of a two year old niece, you want to score big in the birthday present department.  If you are an uncle with a sense of humor, you find a loud and repetitive toy that your niece will love and will also annoy your sister and brother-in-law.  You know how very much your niece loves Frozen and Frozen II so you go straight for the Frozen II microphone available at the store.
Here's what the microphone is like when it is working normally...
  Little did we know that this particular gift contained some secret messages.
talking toy
The toy contains some surprising and puzzling messages, such as "Questions without answers still make me itchy" and "snuggle close, it's safe" and "I like that, too".  It doesn't say it every time, but instead says it randomly.
There is no official comment on this, but other consumers have noticed the hidden messages as well.  Some people have commented it's creepy and weird, but none of that seems to bother the recipient of the gift - the adorable two year old niece.  She loves the toy and dutifully plays it over and over again with a big smile on her face.
This birthday present was a winner on many levels - two year old niece loves it, it annoys the sister and it was interesting fodder in the group chat that day.  How about you?  Do you have this product and if so, have you noticed the messages in it that have never actually been in the Frozen II movie?
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