Maine is home to several quaint towns. From small fishing communities to unorganized townships and everything in between,Maine is the epitome of small town life if that’s what you’re looking for.

Take the small coastal town of Friendship. It was incorporated in 1807 but was settled as early as 1754 with just over 20 families. It now has a population of around 1000 people, which grows considerably during the summer months. It has a working harbor with numerous fishing boats, lovely summer neighborhoods with turn of century cottages and it even has a store (which can legally sell alcohol since Friendship is no longer a dry town).

Did you know that Casper the friendly ghost hails from Friendship? He is arguably their most famous resident! Even though the 1995 movie was set here, they ended up using Camden as the location because it was deemed more authentic. Go figure that one.

Friendship is also home to the beautiful and graceful Friendship Sloop. This is a gaff rigged working boat designed in the town somewhere around 1880 and was used by the locals to tend their traps. One person could easily sail the boat on their own and haul their traps. There are many surviving original Friendship sloops as well as replicas and they have a society that strives to preserve the boats design. They hold annual races on Rockland (when we aren’t having a pandemic) and are a joy to watch.

So check out this lovely down when you want to go out for a drive. Because as the sign says, Friendship is here.

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