Since people started keeping records about the weather, Maine has seen some massive weather events.  We've been through hurricanes, tornadoes (yes, really!), and many massive snow storms.

But, which snow storm dumped the most snow on the State of Maine?

If you are older, you probably think it is the Blizzard of '78, right?  If you have seen the pictures and videos of the storm, with huge snow banks and miles of cars abandoned on New England highways, it would make sense.  But, the Blizzard of 1978 is NOT the answer.

According to Wikipedia, the storm that dumped the most snow on the State of Maine, and much of the rest of New England, Winter Storm Nemo.

Yes, shortly after they started naming winter storms, Nemo rolled through much of the east coast in February of 2013.  The storm dumped between two and three feet of snow throughout most of Central Maine and Southern Maine.  The highest amount was recorded in Gorham where they got 35.5 inches.  Other areas that got dumped on included: South Berwick seeing 32 inches, Westbrook seeing 30 inches, and Lewiston getting 25.5 inches.

Zac Durant / Unsplash
Zac Durant / Unsplash

Elsewhere, the storm dumped over two feet of snow on Boston and, in total, the storm was responsible for eighteen deaths.  The storm was so massive that it ended up crossing the Atlantic Ocean and impacted both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Are you ready for this winter?  The Old Farmer's Almanac is saying that we could be in for a real doozy when it comes to snow and sub-zero temperatures.

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