Until the last few weeks, we have had a very mild winter in Maine.  Fairly mild temperatures and not a whole lot of rain, sleet, or snow.  Now, it seems like we are getting all of winter...  All at once!

In the last week, we have had snow, rain, sleet, and several days of FRIGID temperatures.

It looks like some parts of Northern Maine are going to start Wednesday in a deepfreeze.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Aroostook County town of Caribou will see an overnight (Tuesday into Wednesday) temperature about about eleven degrees below zero.  That, combined with 15 to 20 mile per hour winds, will make it feel like -25 degrees.  It will warm up during the day, making it feel like -15 degrees.

The Western Maine town of Jackman is going to be a little on the chilly side, too.  Residents of the town can expect an overnight temperature of -11.  Additionally, there''ll be a steady 15 to 20 mile per hour wind.  That's going to make it feel like -30 degrees.  Just like with Caribou, when the sun comes up it will warm up... a little.  During the day, it will feel like -15 degrees with the wind chill.

If you need to be out in those terribly cold temperatures, bundle up and take the needed precautions.  In temperatures that low, you can get frostbite in as little as fifteen minutes.

It could be worse...  Elsewhere in New England - on top of New Hampshire's Mount Washington, to be specific - the 95 mile per hour gusts are going to make it feel like -54 degrees!  This is according to the National Weather Service.

Check out the weather forecast for your area at Weather.gov

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