One of the most important people in our lives are our fathers, they shape us into the people we are meant to become, sometimes in less than stellar ways, but most of the time for the better. So our friends over at WalletHub have decided to figure out what states are considered the best and worst for working dads. They checked over 22 data points including, cost of childcare, and overall health of men in those areas.

According to their research:

The good news, Maine is not in the bottom, it is overall ranked at #20.

Best States for Working Dads Worst States for Working Dads
1 Massachusetts 42 Georgia
2 Connecticut 43 Alabama
3 New Jersey 44 Arkansas
4 Vermont 45 Idaho
5 Minnesota 46 South Carolina
6 District of Columbia 47 Nevada
7 Rhode Island 48 West Virginia
8 New Hampshire 49 Mississippi
9 Washington 50 New Mexico
10 Wisconsin 51 Louisiana

If you'd like to see it broken down by categories individually, click HERE.