As i'm sure you're aware by now, I love food. It could be 8 at night, i'll be home in my pajamas, and if you text me asking if I want to go get food, I'll be out the door. Food is one of the purest joys in life which is why I don't think it should be wasted. So I have been here in Augusta for almost 3 months, so I have found some local eateries that I love to visit and here are my choices for lunch (in no particular order):

-Pizza Degree (Augusta). 3 minutes for a delicious pizza? Yes please! friendly staff, great food, it's hard to beat.

-Elevation Burger (Marketplace At Augusta). I don't like putting a chain on here, but this place is so darn good. I have never had a bad burger every time I go and I recommend it to anyone.

-Damon's Pizza and Italians (Augusta). I have not tried their pizza yet, but their sandwiches are top of the line! I have thoroughly enjoyed every sandwich i've eaten and I go there at least once a week.

-Cappza's Pizza (Waterville). have you noticed I'm a fan of pizza places yet? The crew at Cappza's pizza know what they're doing and are so kind and friendly. If you have not tried their BBQ Pizza yet, you have not lived.

-Canton Express (Augusta). I love Chinese food, and these guys get it right every single time. Cooked to perfection, always on time, never missing an item, and great, great food.

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