Last summer, we learned that a pair of well-known local entrepreneurs were in talks to turn the one surviving building of the Edwards Mill complex into a new eatery.  The two story brick building, which overlooks the current Mill Park, was to become a wine and tapas place.

According to the KJ, the restaurant was to be the brainchild of lawyer James Bass and local businessman Tobias Parkhurst.  This project would not be the duo's first restaurant endeavor.  The newspaper reports they also had a part to play in the launch of Cushnoc Brewing and State Lunch.

They have had to deal with several delays in the project and their initial letter of intent with the city, from August of 2021,  has expired.

However, they are still planning to purchase the property from the city for $1 and turn it into some sort of restaurant.

The newspaper article does make mention that they may not run with the wine and tapas bar concept.  That business was to be called Sand Hill Wine & Provisions.  In a recent meeting, Parkhurst said they were looking at several different food concepts for the eatery.

It is estimated that the two story building, which has about 1,800 square feet of space, could accommodate somewhere around 49 seats.  Following the destruction of the mill, the building sat empty for many years.  More recently, it has been used as a storage space.

Of course, we love seeing new businesses come to Central Maine so we are wishing them the best of luck with this project.

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