Recently posted, this new single family home in Madison, Maine is a perfect starter home for you and your people! Listed by Abby Nichols and brokered by Allied Realty this 3 bed and 2 bath cozy home is going for $89,500. It's not easy finding a home under $100k. 

Yes, it probably needs some elbow grease and updates but is still, move-in ready and what a gem!

This home is located at 9 Perkins street in Madison and is 998 square feet on a 4,365 square foot lot. The propane boiler has been updated as well as the plumbing.

Due to the cost of living, the real estate market has been pretty difficult for buyers. I know that when I was looking for a home for my family I did not see anything even close to this price in this condition.

This, ladies and gentle-dudes, is a rare find and imagine finally being able to own your own home.

The Maine Real Estate Market's Forecast for 2022 says, the average home costs over $350,000. This shows even more that houses like this are a very rare find right now and I am assuming it will be grabbed up pretty quickly.

If you want more information on this property visit Allied Realty here or the listing on 

If you are interested and want to see more of the interior of this cozy home, check out the gallery of photos below!

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