January - The Official De-clutter Month
The holiday seasons is over. January seems to be the official month to de-clutter. The push seems to come from every angle. Stores have tote boxes conspicuously displayed and there is one for everything including that fake tree you bought last year...
Phobias Are All Around Us - Face Your Fears
We all have them. My wife has arachnophobia. The fear of spiders is a very common fear. She knows she is bigger than the spider and it can’t harm her. Yet she is terrified of them.
Gephyrophobia, is the fear of going over bridges. And it’s the irrational fear of bridge…
Renee’s No-Spend December
This may be an ill-timed challenge but what the heck. I am going to give myself a no-spend challenge for December. I found that I have been spending more on myself recently to make myself feel good or feel loved…my whole treat-yo-self mentality has been in high gear.
Minimal Contact Shopping & Dining is Getting So Easy
There are so many reasons to tap into the alternative ways to get food, household items, pharmacy, pet items…just about anything delivered right to your home.
I have used some of their services, and some of them I have only read about. IF you choose to take my opinions and use any of these services, …

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