A 20 year old UMA student is in trouble after it was discovered he was in possession of 5 baby alligators.

According to the KJ, Yifan Sun had the alligators in a plastic tote during a taxi ride to the Concord Coach Lines bus station in Augusta.  At one point, the box carrying them tipped over and the driver of the cab had to help round them up.  Police were tipped off that he was in possession of the reptiles and intercepted the taxi at the bus station.

Sun, who has been studying sociology at UMA, told police he had been keeping the 'gators as pets and that he was taking them with him during a visit to a friend in Waterville.

According to Augusta police, the alligators were seized and Sun has been charged with importing or possessing wildlife without a permit.  Maine wildlife rules do not allow alligators to be kept in Maine.

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