Three puppies that were rescued this past summer in Tennessee are reunited at K9 Cabin Dog Day Care in Augusta. The dogs were part of a litter of seven that were taken in by the Tennessee dog rescue agency after they were discovered left in a box with no shelter from the summer heat. They were only about 2 weeks old when they were found.

Meta, Sierra and Hoot were all adopted to three separate homes in Maine. The Hayes family of West Gardiner were the first to adopt their dog, Hoot, in September. While getting their new dog in Kittery, the dog transport service who brought Hoot,along with the other dogs, including Sierra to their new adoptive owners. The Hayes family exchanged numbers with the Benson family of Augusta who adopted Sierra.The third dog in this story, Meta was adopted by the Sturtevant family of Wiscasset, they brought their dog to K9 Cabin Dog Day Care and the owner at the thought the dog looked familiar and they connected the dots and realized that Sierra and Hoot were Meta's brother and sister!

The dogs now regularly meet up and play and run during the week at the doggy daycare!

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