Last October, the popular fast food chain McDonald's hit '80s and '90s kids with a taste of nostalgia.

They were officially known as Cactus Plant Flea Market boxes, but we all just called them Adult Happy Meals.  After all, this was what they were, right?

Just like the Happy Meals we all enjoyed as kids (and our kids enjoy today), they came with an entrée, sides, drink, and toy.  Scaled up for an adult-sized appetite, the entrée was either a 10-piece order of McNuggets or a Big Mac, and it came with a medium order of fries.  Of course, all of this was packed into a beautifully designed box.

If you need a reminder, check out this video:

If you were as excited about the Cactus Plant Flea Market meals as we were, you are going to love this: Buzzfeed is reporting that they are coming back.

This time, the chain teamed up with DJ & designer Kerwin Frost for the new Kerwin Frost Box.  Just like last year, the specially designed box will contain a 10-piece order of nuggets or a Big Mac, fries, drink, and toy.

The cool thing about this year's toys is that they are based on the old school McNugget toys.  Basically, they are little nuggets dressed up as different characters. These include one that looks like Kerwin, one named Darla, Don Bernice, and one named BRRRick (who looks like he spent a little too much time out in a snowstorm).

They should be hitting McDonald's nationwide on December 11.  Keep in mind tha they will only be available for a limited time, just like last year.

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