For the last few years, we have seen more and more Maine restaurants offering adult milkshakes.  It is always amazing to see the amazing, cool (literally), alcoholic concoctions our local mixologists come up with.  They are able to mix flavors that you never would think would go well together to make magic.  And, with the addition to ice cream they can do even more crazy stuff.

If you follow the Quarry Tap Room in Hallowell on Facebook, you probably saw this adult milkshake highlighted - the Strawberry Rum Milkshake.

According to their Facebook, it contains:

Strawberry rum, pineapple juice, strawberry purée mixed w/ whipped cream topped w/ whipped cream and a strawberry

Sounds good, right?

It was their drink of the day on Thursday, June 10th, but I asked about it and they said that they can make it basically any day.  So, if you're looking for a cocktail that is also a dessert, give it a try!

What other Maine restaurants are killing it with the adult milkshakes?  Message through our app or on Facebook to tell us all about them.

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