After over 25 years in law enforcement, we've gotten word that Augusta, Maine, Police Chief Jared Mills is hanging up the badge.

According to a story by WABI, Jared Mills joined the Augusta Police Department in 1998. After working through different roles, he eventually became the deputy chief.

Then, in 2018, after years of service, he was promoted to chief of the department, the news station reported.

Augusta Police, Google Maps
Augusta Police, Google Maps

Mills, who has led the force through some of the city's best years, was celebrated at Augusta City Hall yesterday where friends, family and fellow law enforcement officials gathered to share their memories, laughs and goodbyes with the chief, according to WABI.

He received a plaque from the city of Augusta before sharing some thoughts of his own-

“That’s it. I mean all of the ups and downs, they’ve been there with me every step of the way. And I really couldn’t do without them. You know, my oldest daughter is at college right now. She couldn’t make it today. But Jasmine has been just a rock for me with my wife, Vivian, and Giselle. It’s been amazing. So, I couldn’t have done this for 25 years without them. It’s very important to have that support system. These folks here. I’ve been with many of them for, you know, decades, and they’ll always be my friends,” 


We wish Chief Mills the best in his retirement years and thank him profusely for his years of tireless service to the city of Augusta. You will be missed, Chief!

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