You used to love to travel.  You had no issue with hopping a flight for a weekend getaway.  In fact, you used to do it every few months.

Then, in March of 2020, all of that stopped.  First, you did not travel because everything was closed.  Then, you had concerns about the spread of the virus.  More recently, though, you had some economic concerns.

It is time to shake that off and get back to normal.

And, there is no better way to do it than with an all-you-can-fly pass from Frontier Airlines.

The well known discount airline is offering their Go Wild! all you can fly passes.  They even have two different versions.  If you were just planning to take some adventures this summer, the summer version of the pass is $399 and allows you to fly from May 2nd through September 30th.  If you have the desire, and ability, to travel all year long, the annual pass is $1,299 and let's you fly from May 2nd, 2023 through the end of April 2024.

The pass allows you to fly between dozens and dozens of both domestic and international destinations.  The two airports in our part of New England served by Frontier are the Portland Jet Port and Logan International in Boston.  And, while we mention Maine and Massachusetts, you can use the pass at any of the participating Frontier-served airports.

Of course, there are some restrictions on using the pass.  These include blackout dates and the fact that the pass does not include any extras (checked bags, for example).  The pass is only for the listed passholder, too.  So, the pass is not usable by anyone else.

Get more information about the pass HERE and check out a list of flights HERE

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