The American Kennel Club (AKC) has just released the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. for 2020.

Coming in at #10, the low to the ground but high to the heart Dachshund rounds out the top-10 in popularity. What they lack in height they more than make up for in energy.

At #9, the German Shorthaired Pointer, like all pointers these guys are very active and live to be part of their family. A fairly recent addition to the AKC top-10, I have my eye on one for a future pack member.

#8 is the Rottweiler. This big boy sometimes gets a bad wrap but they can be one of the loyalist of all breeds and a great all around family dog that has your back too.

At #7 is the Beagle. These medium sized sport dogs can run for days. They hunt in packs well and also make great snuggle buddies for the kids.

Coming in at #6 is the Poodle. They guys are known for being hypoallergenic so those that are sensitive to dog dander have great luck with this breed. They also rank as one of the smartest of all dog breeds.

#5 is the English Bulldog, this breed is all about personality plus. They do great in an apartment and only need moderate exercise and feel most at home next to you on the couch.

#4 the Golden Retriever. It doesn't get much more apple pie than these guys. They make great all around family pets but remember they are still a sporting breed at heart and love as much exercise as you can give them.

At #3 is the German Shepherd. A breed that loves and protects its family and thrives in colder weather. I personally own a German Shepherd and can attest to their loyalty and natural suspicion to strangers.

In at #2 is the French Bulldog, small in stature but huge in personality. These guys just want to be where you are. They don't require a ton of exercise and don't swim very well but they have love to give that is never ending.

At #1 again for the 30th year in a row is....the Labrador Retriever. You just can't go wrong with this jack of all trades breed. I currently own a chocolate Lab and true to form he is up for whatever you are.

Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2020

I love them all! It's always exciting to see how the most popular dog breeds change with time, and interesting as well noting the ones that don't cage. CLICK HERE to visit the AKC website where you can see all the dog breeds currently represented by the AKC.

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