Allen’s no longer is the big kahuna of liquor in Maine.

Mainers still love it…but are spreading their wings, trying new things. Mainers have evolved their taste buds and now also want Tito's Handmade Vodka and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

Don’t get me wrong, Mainers are still drinking Allen’s...and lots of it.  According to that is is a solid #1 for the volume of sale.  They have Allen’s with 90,859; Tito’s with 71,471 and Fireball at 66,211 for the sale of the 9-liter cases that are used to base this on. BUT Tito’s and Fireball are number one and two brought in more money! Fireball sales were $12.2 million, Tito’s pulled in $11.7 million, and good old Allen’s at $9.2 million.

How do you feel about Allen's?  I don't drink much anymore so it all makes me a little queasy.  But not long ago I saw a woman at a convenience store with ice, milk and two BIG bottles of Allen's.  It made me giggle is was 'SO MAINE". I am assuming she was getting ready for the weekend!

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