A few summers back, a friend of mine clued me in to a 'secret' swimming spot just a little north of Augusta. He told me not to tell anyone... but I couldn't help sharing this magical spot. Plus, I've since seen more people there... so I don't feel as guilty sharing the secret.

Known as Tyler Pond Wildlife Management Area, this pond can be found as long as you keep an eye out for the little inlet and sign on the left just shy of a mile down Summer Haven Rd.

A makeshift parking lot is available just inside the wall of trees. From there, a short trail walk leads visitors to the warm pond and a perfect place for a picnic. The shore of the pond has some sandy spots and the edge is rather shallow with a gradual decline into the deeper sections of the pond. According to a State of Maine Fisheries and Wildlife Management, the pond area covers 22 acres and the deepest spot is 70 feet with a surface temperature above 70 degrees.

This kid friendly swimming spot has a couple different rope swings to add to the fun! And, if you're a little more daring than others, you can swim across to the other side of the pond to a tree that you can watch people climb and jump from! Although I've done this myself, I can't say whether or not it's a 100% safe thing to do...... On a nice summer day, this spot is great to have a lot of fun and get a little exercise on the trail before cooling down!

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