One of the saddest facts of the 2020s is the number of local businesses we have seen close forever.  While the closures peaked in 2021, we are still seeing frequent business closures.

It looks like another Central Maine restaurant is going to be closing its doors for good.

According to a sign posted on the door of the Amato's location on Western Avenue in Augusta, the Italian eatery will be closing for the last time on Sunday, January 14.

The sign, which thanks their customers for the support they have provided over the years, explains that the location is closing "due to circumstances beyond our control".

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

While no specific reason was given, we do know that in the past, that restaurant has had issues with staffing.  As a result, the location frequently had limited hours of operation.

We hope that anyone currently employed by the Augusta location will either be transferred to other Amato's restaurants, or quickly find new employment.

According to the restaurant chain's website, Amato's was founded by Giovanni Amato in 1900.  The Maine-based location started as a sandwich cart that sold food to the workers on the docks in Portland, Maine.  Outgrowing his cart, Giovanni opened his first sandwich shop on India Street in Portland in 1902.

Now, over 120 years after its founding, the chain has four dozen locations spread across Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.  Central Maine locations include Western Avenue in Manchester, KMD in Waterville, Sabattus Street in Lewiston, Lisbon Street in Lewiston, and Washington Street in Auburn.

Want to send someone from away a taste of Maine?  As we understand it, the chain will even ship Italian subs across the country.  Get more details on the Amato's website.

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