Anyone with a phone in Maine last night was probably a little startled when that initial AMBER alert went off at around 10:45 pm. The alert was intended to notify all Mainers that an 11-year-old had been illegally taken by their mother and their immediate location was unknown.

The alert indicated that 11-year-old, Jaiden Morrison, a male who identifies as a female, had been taken by their mother during a supervised visit in the town of Topsham on Sunday.

Maine officials then issued the alert letting Mainers know that the child had been taken by their mother in an unknown vehicle by an unidentified friend.

According to a follow-up email from the Maine Department of Public Safety, that alert was cancelled (by using another alert) at about 11:15 last night. The release by Shannon Moss went on to explain that the child had been safely located.

As of this morning, no details have emerged on what led to the taking of the child, or the family history the preceeded this incident.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more information becomes available.

Below is part of the press release issued last night by Maine Department of Public Safety's Spokeswoman, Shannon Moss.

The Maine State Police is issuing a statewide AMBER alert at the request of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office. Jaiden “Jade Morrison”, an 11-year-old male who identifies as a female, was taken by her non-custodial mother, 29-year-old Danielle Dyer, during a supervised visit around 5:00 pm from 14 Front Street in Topsham on Sunday, March 19, 2023.  Danielle left with Jade in an unknown vehicle with an unknown friend. Jade was last seen wearing a dark blue Tommy Hilfiger puffy jacket with gray leggings.  She is approximately 5’4”, 215 pounds with brown eyes and curly shoulder length red hair that could be in double braids. Danielle was last seen wearing maroon pants and is approximately 5’0”, 160 pounds, brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. The last known phone ping of Danielle was in the Lewiston area around 10:16pm Sunday evening. Anyone with information should call the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office at 207.743.5391.

Below is an excerpt of the cancellation press release,

The AMBER Alert has been cancelled. Jaiden “Jade” Morrison has been safely located.

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