The popular program, on the History Channel, 'American Pickers' are heading to eastern Maine. Mike Wolfe and Frank Frtiz will be gassing up their van and heading to eastern Maine in August to hunt for antique treasures.

The show has visited Maine before, they were in the Portland area in 2011 and in Lisbon in 2012. Next month, the cast and crew are making their way to eastern Maine.

The show only picks from large private collection, no stores, no malls, flea markets, auctions or anything open to the public.

If you are a Washington county resident that thinks they have an item they would like to buy, you can email with your name, number, town and state and items you thinks are of interest, as well as a picture of the item. You can also call them at 646-493-2184.

Here's a list of some items they are looking for:

Motor Scooters
Old advertising signs
Vintage Motorcycles
Bicycles (1940's or older)
unusual radios
old toys
pre-1950's vending machines
pinball and slot machines
old movie posters
vintage movie memorabilia
vintage advertising items
vintage concert posters & t-shirts
pre 60's vintage diner collectibles
pre 60's TV merchandise
vintage BB Guns/ Cap Guns
Late 1970's (and earlier) military items
musical instruments
Civil War antiques
Vintage gas pumps
Pre 70's neon signs

Do you watch the show?