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'American Pickers' To Visit Eastern Maine
The popular program, on the History Channel, 'American Pickers' are heading to eastern Maine. Mike Wolfe and Frank Frtiz will be gassing up their van and heading to eastern Maine in August to hunt for antique treasures.
'Vikings' Season 3 Confirmed For 2015
We haven't kept up with History's 'Vikings' season 2 as much as its predecessor, but are nonetheless excited to see that Ragnar Lothbrok and his brood will live to fight another day. History has officially picked up a 'Vikings' season 3 for 2015, but what can we expect …
'Vikings' Season 2 Premiere Clips
The 'Vikings' of History's namesake will be back to raid, pillage and plunder a second season beginning February 27, but before they do, they may need to settle some differences of their own. See Ragnar Lothbrok take on his brother Rollo as opposing armies clash in the first clips fro…
History's 'Vikings' Season 2 Sets February Premiere
The History channel's first original series, 'Vikings,' certainly caught our attention last year, but at nine episodes, Ragnar and his brood came and went far too quickly. That all changes in February 2014, as History has officially set a premiere date for the 10 episodes of 'Vik…

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