The old adage that says when ‘kids grow up they leave home', isn’t necessarily true anymore. A study by ‘Upshot’ shows most Americans live within 18 miles of their mother.

What this reveals is that Americans are made up of close-knit families leaning on one another for financial and practical support. As baby boomers need more care in old age and two income families need help with child support, they lean on each other for help.

In the Northeast, places like Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the distance from family is only 12 miles. In New York and Pennsylvania it’s only 8 miles but in the mid-west it goes up to 25 to 44 miles. Along the lower east coast and Texas the distance is around 23 miles and in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee is only 6 miles. It averages out to 18 miles.

The biggest determinants of how far people venture from home are education and income. Those with college and professional degrees are much more likely to live farther from their parents than those with a high school education are more likely to live closer.


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