Today is the day we look back on as the worst day in American History. 2,753 people lost their lives on this day in 2001. People in schools are now learning this as a historical event but so many of us lived through it. I was 9, I was 3 thousand miles away. I remember asking my mom why we weren't listening to my favorite morning show on the way to school. I was too young to truly understand the heinous attack that took place and to this day i'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing.

I do know to this day my family has a flag flying outside our house to honor this country. I personally know many men and women who joined the military because of 9/11. I even tried to enlist but was rejected due to my eyes. I remember going to a school where there was grades K-12. The elementary students were being kids not really sure what had actually happened. But I remember watching the older kids and the adults just looking so defeated. It wasn't till a few years later that I fully understood what had happened.

I can't imagine what it was like living through 9/11 so close to it. If you were personally affected by this terrorist attack my heart grieves for you. I pray these years have brought you peace, and if not, I hope you find it.

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