Smartphones really are the greatest invention of the 2000s, aren't they?

You can use them to call people (of course), you can use them to send messages and emails, you can use them to look things up on the internet, and use them to keep track of appointments.

You can also use them as a camera to take both pics and videos.

It's that last feature that frequently causes so many problems.  People these days are far too anxious to be wannabe journalists.  Some people have a desire to take pics and videos of everything.  They are just looking for that clip that will take them viral on TikTok or Insta.  They are taking pics even when they shouldn't.

From the sound of it, this is what happened on I-295 in Portland on Saturday afternoon.

While Maine State Troopers were dealing with a crash on the Northbound side of I-295, a female driver on the Southbound side of the highway put herself and other drivers at risk in order to try to get pictures and/or videos of the crash.

The woman reportedly stopped her vehicle in the median, got out of her car, and started taking pics/videos.

The press release goes on to say:

The Trooper informed her she was trespassing and needed to leave. The woman was extremely argumentative and told the Trooper she was not doing anything illegal. The Maine State Police would like to remind the public that stopping and getting out on the Interstate is not only a safety issue but it is illegal

If the trooper had been able to get her information, she would have been charged with several crimes, including Obstructing Government Administration, Obstructing Public Ways, and Criminal Trespass.

I have this quick note for the amateur journalist:

Dear Wannabe Journalist,

As much as you feel that the Maine State Police Trooper was infringing on your rights to attempt to become a social media star, the trooper had your best interest and the safety of other motorists in mind. 

The laws that you came very close to being charged for breaking are in place for your safety.  The last thing law enforcement wants to be doing is dealing with another crash because someone is taking pics of a first crash.

Fortunately, in this case, the crash was very minor and the driver walked away.  But, what if the crash had been much more serious, can you imagine how awful it would be to find out that your loved one was seriously injured or had died because you scrolled past pics of their destroyed vehicle on Facebook?

Please consider my points before you try something like this again.


                                                                          Cooper Fox

What is your opinion on the situation?  Do you agree with what she did?  Or, do you side with law enforcement?

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