What the HECK is wrong with you? Every single part of me that genuinely loves the game of football was so mad on Sunday. The New England Patriots lost on Sunday, and yes there were a couple bad calls, but that is not what this is about. this is about the fact that Patriot fans were booing the team as they left the field. They were booing the 6 time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots for losing a GAME.

Also, they did not lose a playoff game, they didn't lose the Super Bowl, they lost a random game in December. It wasn't against the Dolphins, or the Bengals, or a lesser team, they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, a very good football team that if you remember were their main competition from last years season.

Shame on you, you're not a true fan if you only like your team when they win. Now, I am not a Patriots fan, in fact, them losing made me happy because I grew up only watching them win. My team is the Chargers. I had to watch my team pack up and leave my hometown in the dust. Your team has been loyal, and damn good for YEARS. Don't sit up in the stands and boo them for losing a game that has no consequences. They're still number 1 in the division, they're still one of the top seeds in the AFC. AND they're still one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

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