Source: WalletHub

The 2016 NFL season is almost here! In fact, the first New England Patriots game is on August 11th and Sunday afternoons will be filled with pigskin. recently did a study on the best cities for football fans.

To make their list, they included the 245 of the largest U.S. cities along with 18 key metrics, among them were the number of professional and college teams and average ticket prices.

Green Bay, Wisconsin was ranked as the best city for football fans.

Here's the top ten

1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
2. Clemson, South Carolina
3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
5. East Lansing, Michigan
6. Denver, Colorado
7. Princeton, New Jersey
8. New York, New York
9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10. Baton Rogue, Louisiana

Boston came in 13th and Orono, Maine (the only Maine city) came in 104th.


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