It's not unusual for kids to have ideas. They come up with some doozies, don't they? At a recent trip to a campground Anderson had an idea and he won't let go of it because he brought them home. And, as a mom, you try to indulge your child. But THIS idea had merit...and make him money in the future!

Anderson wants to grow Oak Trees! He loves anything to do with the outdoors and he helped us plant our vegetable garden and flowers around our yard. In fact, I just bought tulips to plant that help raise money for the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Boys love to get dirty and this is another way they can! I told him if we plant a whole bunch we can put them in the ground next Spring and watch them grow. He was all about that! The problem was we had only brought home two acorns. I told Chad of Anderson's wish and he brought home an entire bucketful!

Then came the process of figuring out how to grow them. The Internet is an incredible thing. Anderson and I searched it together. It had dozens of sites to learn how to grow your own Oak trees. By analyzing the nuts we had brought home we found that we had White Oaks that needed to be planted. After checking them all and seeing they all said the same thing.

Plant them in a deep pot because they grow really long roots. Make sure the pot has good drainage. Plant them on their side about an inch deep and cover them with soil. Take care of them by giving them sun and water. When they start to grow leaves be ready. You will need to replant them before the first leaves open.

I told him with all the trees we plant we can keep some in our yard and sell some to save him money for college and his church mission. He said "Mama, I do need alot of money for college." Yes, yes you do, Anderson. What a great idea! We will keep you posted on how they grow. Something tells me they will be taller than Anderson by Spring!

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