August 23, 2000, that was the first day that I started at B98.5. It really has seemed to all go by in a blink. I am going to try and take a look back and hope that I don't leave out too many people and great memories.

Photo by Andy Capwell

In a way some things in radio have changed but really it is all about being yourself and relating and investing in your audience.

When I first started here at B98.5, the on air studio was in another room and we still had a reel to reel machine to produce commercials! That involved razor blades and white splicing tape.

Photo by Andy Capwell

When I got the job at B98.5 in August of 2000, I was taking care of my disabled father and lived in Auburn. That was difficult, he had home health aides and meals on wheels, and a lifeline necklace. His health was deteriorating and in March of 2001 he passed away.

I think going through his passing made me feel how much of a family the staff was. Everybody form work came to my dad's funeral.

Photo by Andy Capwell

The next big memory was 9-11-01. When news broke, we all gathered in our conference room watching the news. I felt a dumbness, this couldn't really be happening. Then we had to go on the air to talk about it. I'll never forget that and the reaction of our listeners.

Shortly after 9-11-01, 'Tanksgiving' was born in November 2001. Genny Judge, who at that time was

Photo from Andy Capwell

Randy McCoy's morning show co-host, created the food drive with the Maine Army National Guard. It's evolved in the 15 years and I still think it's the most difficult and most rewarding project we do at B98.5.

Great memories also include all of the concerts. What a job! Meeting Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Dierks Bentley, John Berry, Suzy Bogguss, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley and so many others.

I have to thank everyone that I've worked with here at B98.5 in the past 15 years. Al Perry and Mac Dickson for believing in me and being there for me. Randy McCoy, Sharon Buck, Mike Poulin, Genny Judge, Renee Nelson, Sarah Dyer, Chad Leighton, all of the talented sales staff, office personal, Mike Higgins, it's such a strong team and family.

Fast forward towards the end of the 2000's and the explosion of technology is happening. It's an exciting and challenging time, so much to learn and to share.

It's amazing how people can now listen to B98.5. On their radio, phone, tablet, etc. We get to interact more with our audience with our website and social media. Radio has truly evolved to become a multimedia platform.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day for the past 15 years and here's looking forward to the next 15 years!