I honestly can't believe we are at the 9-month mark, 9 whole months since I joined Buzz and cracked the microphone for my very first on-air shift. In no way has 2020 been the best year; many people have lost ones they love or have been laid off from their jobs, and some struggled to feed their families. And if you're like me, then the constant struggle between happiness, anxiety, and depression hasn't been easy either.

It has for sure been one of the toughest years that many of us remember. As hard as it has been for many, myself included, I'd be lying if I said 2020 hadn't been one of my best years yet!

I have pushed myself in so many ways, ways I never knew I could. I've conquered my fear of public speaking; I've poured my heart into writing articles, which, if you know me, you know that has not been easy. Out of all the hard things that I've done this year, I've been blessed enough that I got to do some pretty great things too.

In these last 9 months, I've met so many of our amazing listeners. I've attended many amazing community events and even went to a bar for the first time. Out of everything I've had the pleasure of doing this year, my favorite thing has been giving back to the surrounding communities with our annual Camp Out Hunger food drive. There is nothing better than seeing kids and adults, young and old, come together to make sure no one goes hungry. My cup is so full!

Thank you for making these past 9 months so of the best months of my life. I'm excited to see where the next 9 months take me, and I hope you'll stick around for my journey!

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