This season of American Idol is certainly the season of girl power. The Top 5 took to the stage to perform two songs. The first round, they sang songs from the year they were born. The second song that the Top 5 performed were songs from divas. Here's my recap.Round One: Year Of Birth.

1. Candice Glover was born in 1989 and she sang 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul. She changed up the song and turned it into a cool, jazz-like arrangement. As always, Candice voice sounded great and she showed some artistry, but  didn't get to show her powerhouse vocals. B+

2. Janelle Arthur was born in 1989 and she sang Vince Gill's 'When I Call Your Name'. Janelle sang while playing the guitar. She had some good moments and some moments when it seemed she just lost the pitch slightly. Vince Gill is tough to sing, and Janelle did a decent job. B-

3. Kree Harrison was born in 1990, for some reason, I thought she was a little older than Janelle. She sang the Black Crowes' song 'She Talks To Angels'. Kree was smooth vocally yet powerful and passionate. She didn't seem to comfortable performing on stage. A-

4. Angie Miller was born in 1994 and she sang 'I'll Stand By You' from the Pretenders. She dedicated it to her hometown of Boston. It was a smart song choice and she'll get votes just for that. She pounded the piano and gave a good performance. She sometimes over sings and can be a little sharp. The judges gushed over the performance. B+

5. Amber Holcomb was also born in 1994 and sang Mariah Carey's version of 'Without You'. It is a very big song and Amber hit the hard parts very well, it was versions that built up to the big notes where she wasn't her best. Still a good job. B

Round Two: Songs From Divas.

1. Candice Glover sang 'When You Believe' by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. This was Candice at her best. Powerhouse vocals, strong, clear, excellent. The judges gave her a standing ovation. A+

2. Janelle Arthur sang Dolly Parton. This could be great, Janelle's voice has reminded me a little of Dolly. Please sing 'Jolene', no, she sings 'Dumb Blonde'. This was a horrible song choice. The song didn't let her vocals shine, it all looked like a bad high school talent show production. C-

3. Kree Harrison sang Celine Dion's 'Have You Ever Been In Love' this is the second song that Kree sings that isn't country and isn't well-known. This could be a mistake.  Kree did a great job singing the song. She was tender yet powerful. The judges again come to their feet and praise Kree. A

4. Angie Miller sang Halo by Beyonce, and guess what, it worked! Angie has great clarity in her voice and was on pitch. Another judges' standing ovation. A-

5. Amber Holcomb sang Barbara Streisand. I think everyone watching would have thought she was going to sing a Whitney Houston song. She looked great and sang even better. It was classy and silky smooth. My only complaint was the band was too loud at times when she was singing. A+

I think Janelle will be the lowest vote getter. Remember the judges get to use a save and this is their last week to use it. I think they'll use it, no matter who the lowest vote getter is. My shocker will be Candice being in the bottom two and Angie being the highest vote getter.