It's the first American Idol results show of the season. The show had some good things about and some not so good things about it. Here's my take on last night's show.The good parts of last night's show:

The pace of the show seemed quicker than previous season results show.
The opening montage of the contestants singing wasn't that bad.
Candice Glover, last season's winner, was awesome with her performance.
America did a good job with picking the bottom three.

The not so good parts of last night's show:

Keith Urban's selection of Jake Bugg performing. Each judge will select an up and coming artist to perform. Keith built up Jake Bugg as being 'killer'. He sounded like Bob Dylan on helium.
Candice Glover's performance just showed how weak this year's crew is.

The bottom three were: Mayala Watson, M.K. Nobilette, and Kristen O'Connor. M.K. is safe, it's between Mayala and Kristen. Both weren't very good in week one, but it's Kristen who has to sing for her life.

She sings alright in that performance and the judges go through the motions to look like they are considering saving her, and in the end Kristen is sent home.

The judges get one save until there are six singers left.

I was also correct with my prediction of who would be voted off.

Next week's theme will be 'Home'.