Season 12 of American Idol is winding down, and even though the ratings this year have dropped and lots of focus has been on the battling judges, I think this top three could be one of the best in the show's 12 seasons. Let's look back at last night.Each of the final three got to go home to perform and meet fans, each of the three had a great back story and visit home. Kree's visit home to Texas was especially moving as Kree and her sister went to their childhood home and honored their mom and dad. Kree's dad died in a plane crash when she was 12 and Kree's mom died in a car accident when she was 19.

Each of the finalists sung three songs. In Round One, songs were selected by mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Kree Harrison: 'Perfect' by Pink. When they said that Kree was singing 'Perfect,' I thought of the Sara Evans song and not Pink. It was a solid performance and Kree looked more comfortable than she had throughout the season. However, the song choice was just wrong for her. B+

Candice Glover: 'One' by U2. This was a better song choice and Candice was her usual powerhouse self. I did note that she was borderline yelling for a brief moment, but overall it was very good. B+

Angie Miller: 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' by Elton John. Great song choice, however Angie didn't play the piano during this performance. She admitted that she didn't have enough time to learn it on the piano. Angie sang it very well and this is such a singer's song, especially compared to the song Jimmy selected for Kree. A-

ROUND TWO: (Songs Picked By The Idol Judges)

Candice: 'Next To Me' by Emeli Sande. I didn't know this song and Candice sang it in tune,  but it just wasn't a good song choice for her. The song was just too mid-tempo with no room for Candice to soar vocally. B

Angie: 'Try' by Pink. Two songs by Pink in one night. This performance showed Angie as a viable pop star. She was very smooth on stage and her vocals were very good on a somewhat lightweight song. B+

Kree: 'Here Comes Goodbye' by Rascal Flatts. For as bad a song choice Kree had in round one, this song choice was that much better for her. You felt the pain and feeling in her voice on this song, which was co-written by former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh, the song fit Kree like a glove. A

ROUND THREE: (Songs Selected By The American Idol Production Team)

I think that the contestants should have been allowed to choose the song for this round. American Idol production team, really? I think this round was designed to have the final two that the show wants in the finals. Okay, enough of my ranting for now.

Angie: 'Maybe' by Emeli Sande. Two songs by Emeli Sande and two songs by Pink...I think there could have been better songs selected throughout the show. The song was very sing-songy, it was like there was almost too many words in the song to let Angie take off vocally. B.

Kree: 'Better Dig Two' by The Band Perry. I like the Band Perry, but this song was so wrong for Kree. I think maybe a song like 'Nothing But The Wheel' by Patty Loveless would have been so much better. Kree did her best with the song, but the judges didn't love it, in fact, Nicki Minaj, said whoever choose that song for Kree 'should be stoned'. I agree Nicki! B-

Candice: 'Somewhere' from West Side Story. Finally a good song choice. Candice powered through it and gave one of the best performances of the season. I can't help but think the 'powers to be' on the show are trying to have an Angie versus Candice finals. That aside, Candice is a great singer and she hit a home run with this song! A

I will guess that Angie will have the most votes with Candice second and Kree going home. All three of the finalists are extremely talented and I think Kree will have a very solid country music career.