They are almost halfway through the top ten on American Idol, four have been sent home and one more will be tonight. So far, I have correctly predicted who will be going home 3 out of 4 weeks! Here's the recap from last night's show.Each of the top six will sing two songs.

Round One: Songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Really? Half of the audience will be too young to even know these songs.

Angie Miller: 'Anyone Who Had A Heart': She looked great, was in-tune, sang it well and looked like a professional. B+

Amber Holcomb: 'Say A Little Prayer': Silky smooth vocals and took an old song and made it sound fresh. She is very underrated. A -

Lazaro Arbos: 'Close To You': This was brutal and the judges let him have it! If you noticed the judges didn't clap after he sang. He was monotone, generic, no power, just really bad. Randy Jackson flat out said 'that was horrible'. It was so bad Karen Carpenter must of been turning over in her grave. F

Kree Harrison: 'What The World Needs Now': Great acapella start to the song, she has such a full voice. I did notice a slight crack in her voice near the end. B+

Janelle Arthur: 'Never Fall In Love Again': She is very comfortable on stage and she sings in tune. Janelle just doesn't quite have the vocal chops of the other four girls left. This was a decent job. B-

Candice Glover: 'Don't Make Me Over': I have never heard this song before. It didn't matter, Candice blew it out of the water! Big voice and a cool gospel sound in her performance. A

Round Two: Song that they wish they had written. Um Idol, when is it going to be country night?

Angie Miller: 'Love Came Down': I am not sure if that's the title, again, I didn't know this song. Angie was awesome. Great range, passion, wee done. A

Amber Holcomb: 'Love On Top': High energy, pure pop and she looked and sounded like a pop star. The only thing I can say is sometimes the musical arrangement drowned out her vocals. B

Lazaro Arbos: 'Angels': This wasn't as awful as his first song, but he is clearly the weakest link in the bunch. Again the judges did not applaud after he sang. Time for him to go. D

Kree Harrison: 'Help Me Make It Through The Night': Wow! Flawless, simple, it fit her like a glove! Shout out to Keith Urban for his real country comments and Keith said she'll be a member of the Grand Ole Opry one day. A+

Janelle Arthur: 'The Dance' Garth!!! It was a good effort, but she seemed just a little off-pitch at times. She'll get some votes just for singing that song. C+ .. Mariah Carey said she didn't know that song, what?!

Candice Glover: 'Love Song' by The Cure: Pure magic! A++. Randy Jackson said it was one of the best performances ever on American Idol.

Here is my predictions: The Bottom Three: Lazaro, Janelle and Amber. With Lazaro leaving. The judges will use their save if one of the girls are voted off.

Tonight on the results show: It's Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery!

Hear the best performance of the night.