It's week two of American Idol auctions, last night from Denver, Colorado. Forty singers got the golden 'Hollywood' ticket, but for me only a few really stood out.The three auditions that I liked from American Idol last night were the following:

Bryan Watt: The 27 year-old played guitar and sang Carrie Underwood's 'So Small'. My favorite audition of the night. One of my early favorites to win season XIII.

Melanie Porras: A young lady from Georgia who was raised by her Dad. She learned to play guitar from her Dad and her voice was a great mix of blues, country and rock. I really thought she was fantastic!

David Oliver Willis: He tried out last year and was cut during Vegas week. He had a great tone and made it look easy.

There were several good singers but there were several singers that the judges loved that I just didn't think were that great.

I am still really liking the judges panel, the are constructive, funny and do seem to like one another.

Who were some of your favorites from last night?