Baseball season is here! Fans of all 30 teams have hope that this will be the year. It's always fun to try and guess what is going to happen. That's all this is, my best guess.

AL East:

1. Toronto Blue Jays: That lineup has plenty of thump! Bautista, Encarnacion, and the additions of Russel Martin and Josh Donaldson. Wow, they should score plenty of runs. The pitching is a question mark.

2. Baltimore Orioles: They really didn't add much to last year's team. The pitching is reliable but not awesome. The offense will depend a lot of the return to form of Manny Machado and Chris Davis.

3. Boston Red Sox: The bats get a boost from Hanley Ramirez and Panda. The pitching is very ordinary. This year the bullpen seems weaker as well. I think 85 wins.

4. New York Yankees: The pitching could be great, but they has many injures just waiting to happen. The offense is old but don't count them out.

5. Tampa Bay Rays: They lost manager Joe Madden and David Price! Ouch. Just not enough talent to compete.

NL Central:

1. Chicago White Sox: Chris Sale is awesome and they've added a lot in the offseason. My surprise pick!

2. Detroit Tigers: Still a potent offense. Starting pitching is still strong but not as good as last season. Bullpen is a question mark.

3. Cleveland Indians: They should be in the running again for a wild card spot.

4. Kansas City Royals: Great at small ball. They do all of the little things. It hurt that they lost James Shields.

5. Minnesota Twins: Just not enough talent in what could be the strongest division in MLB.


1. LA Angels: Mike Trout leads a high scoring offense add that to a solid starting pitching staff and you've got a good team.

2. Seattle Mariners: Awesome pitching and a stronger lineup. They should be at least a wild card playoff team.

3. Oakland A's: They also seem to get the most out of their players.

4. Houston Astros: Exciting young bats, still need more pitching. They are getting better.

5. Texas Rangers: They lost Darvish for the season. That will make for a long season.

I like the Angels over the White Sox in the ALCS.


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