In 1966, Margaret Thorne, a member of the Junior Historian Club of Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley, West Virginia, published some predictions for the year 2016 in her local paper. She made these predictions 50 years ago.

Here's what she envisioned for the year we've now arrived at and it's very interesting that she had the foresight to be close on some of her predictions but off on others.

The growth of suburbia: the only land untouched by suburbia will be the national and state parks and forests, that our ancestors were foresighted enough to conserve and a few farms of enormous size in the Midwest."

Work: "the vast majority of the people will be seated in front of man's ingenious invention, the computer." (amazing how close she is on this one)

Food: "People will take a pill for breakfast that will supply them with needed nourishment. (we do take pills that supply us with the vitamins we need)

Fuel: "More sources of fuels must be found and methods for bringing the natural resources to the surface. Someone must find ways to captivate the sun's radiation and make it work for us. The sun will need to be our major fuel in the years to come." (wow, how close is this one? Pretty much spot on)

Water: "Our water supply will need to be taken from the seas as our lands get drier and drier." ( a little off on this one)

Close on some, not so close on others but interesting that 50 years ago she could come as close as she did.

What do you think the world will look like 50 years from NOW in 2066?


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