Humane Society Waterville Area is looking at having to close their doors if they can't raise a significant amount of money....and soon.  If they can't raise $250 thousand dollars in 3 months, the animal shelter on the Webb Road will have to make the tough choice to close down.

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The shelter, which has contracts with 22 area municipalities across central Maine, plans to kick off a capital campaign Monday in an effort to garner money to save the shelter from shuttering.

In the last year, the shelter has experienced some hardships and bad publicity following an outbreak of feline distempter, as well as, the disappearance of 2 pit bull-terriers that were ordered to be put down.  After those incidences, executive director Lisa Smith resigned.

Following her resignation, changes were made at the humane society.

If this shelter is forced to close, it will effect 22 area municipalities across central Maine.

Starting today, they are kicking off their Save Your Shelter campaign in an effort to raise the funds needed to stay open.  Please consider donating today.

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