Rick Louten and Heidi Ferrigan found one another online in 2008 and this July, they'll be walking down the aisle. I should say they'll be walking over the pitchers mound. These lifelong Boston Red Sox fans are having their wedding at Maine's Fenway in Oakland.

Photo by Andy Capwell
Photo by Andy Capwell

The Augusta couple have been engaged since April 5, 2014. That is Heidi's birthday and Rick had planned a surprise birthday party and proposal with family and friends and Margarita's in Augusta. Actually most of the people at the party had no clue that Rick was going to propose to Heidi that day.

Heidi's best friend, Shelly was in on the proposal, and she was the person that diverted Heidi that day. She brought Heidi to Margarita's for a 'birthday drink', that's when it looked like a surprise birthday party broke out.

At the party, Rick gave a heartfelt speech to toast Heidi's birthday, and right at the end of the birthday toast he proposed to Heidi. Rick, with a Red Sox sweatshirt on, pulled the ring from the pocket of the sweatshirt and she said yes!

Right from the beginning they knew they wanted a baseball themed wedding, which was going to be held at Heidi's brother's house in Winslow. Then, Karen, Heidi's sisters sister-in-law, had the idea of having the ceremony at Maine's Fenway in Oakland!

The wedding is on July 18th and instead of walking down the ailse, Heidi will be walking in from center field with the ceremony being held at home plate. During the wedding, the scoreboard will have their date of the wedding lit up.

Rick and Heidi are also avid fans of karaoke and Rick will be singing Keith Urban's 'Only You Can Love Me That Way'.

Congratulations Rick and Heidi!

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