Free Family Outdoor Adventures - U-Maine Cooperative
Hey, if you are looking for a great reason to get outside with your family plus learn some very useful skills the University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H is kicking off a new monthly outdoor educational series for families with kids, that range from ages 7 to 18...
Ice Castles Opening For The Season 1/14
Ice Castles is an awe-inspiring, must-see winter phenomenon that brings fairy tales to life. This fun, family-friendly experience is built entirely from ice and gives guests a unique way to experience winter at its finest.
The experience is built entirely by hand using hundreds of thousands of icicle…
Grim Nostradamus Predictions For 2021
For most of us we look forward to 2021 with hopeful eyes. The scars emotionally, physically, and financially from 2020 are hard to ignore. A bright chance for the future is all many have to hold onto.
If you want to consider another perspective, the 2021 Nostradamus predictions are morbid, scary…

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