The City of Augusta has officially announced the hiring of a new city manager.

According to an article in the KJ, former Augusta police chief Jared Mills has been appointed the new city manager.

He'll replace Susan Robertson.  She has served as the city manager since 2021, and recently announced her plan to retire.

In a unanimous city council vote on Thursday night, 49-year-old Mills was appointed to the position.

He is expected to start on April 1, and will have a three-year contract.  That means he will be in the position through March 2027 at least.  Given his predecessor's salary, it is estimated that his annual salary will be about $159,000.

For the last few months, Mills has been employed as the city's assistant city manager.  From 2018 through late 2023, he had been the city's police chief.  The article explains that he was hired as a patrolman back in 1998.

Robertson had initially intended to retire in October, but moved up her retirement because she wanted to start it before summer and not in the fall.  Additionally, she has family members who recently moved to the state, and she wants to spend more time with them.

The article quotes Robertson as saying the following about her replacement:

I’m sure there will be some learning curve.  I think he’s got a great future. He’s got a great personality, he works hard, he’s a quick learner, he’s smart and I think he’ll be a good manager.


We wish Jared Mills all the best in his new role.

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