So one more step in the reopening. While the park spaces have been open the playgrounds themselves have been off-limits. But they are now open and ready for some fun. Officials are asking that people use hand sanitizer before and after playing on the equipment. I also like those sanitizing wipes. I like the way they make my hands feel clean. I would also suggest you try and encourage your kiddos to not touch their faces while playing. (I know, but it seems like a good habit to build) Officials are also suggesting that while on the playground that people practice physical distancing from one another.  Of course, I would like to add...when you get home to wash all those hands.  As for hand washing...lather up with soap and sing "happy birthday" to yourself twice washing all your hand surfaces not just your palms.  I even like to use a nail brush to get everything clean, clean, clean.  Now the weather is nicer and kids are out of school (be that as it was the last few months) for the summer. Enjoy. Have fun. Be safe.

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